Our antique wood beams come from a selection of top-quality sources. We also offer professional design and installation services. (Please note, antique wood beams are sold for their decorative, aesthetic appeal and are not intended to be used as structural elements in new construction or renovation projects.)

Here are some examples of the lasting beauty of antique beams:


Antique Hand Hewn Beams

Reclaimed timbers that were the structural supports of barns, factories, and warehouses are carefully removed and transported to our warehouse. These materials come from barns built during a certain era. Hand hewn beams are shaped by hand with all the characteristics that cannot be duplicated by current methods. Old-time building methods employed mortise and pinion construction, which is visible in our reclaimed beams, along with carvings, old metal nails and peg holes.


Antique Sawn Beams

Sawn beams were used the same way with the same construction methods as hand hewn — the difference is that these beams were cut with a circular saw and are much more even in dimensions, they still have most of the same characteristics of hewn beams but are prized for their evenness. All the beams at Northern Dutchess Hardwoods are kept inside our temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse, keeping beams in the same condition as the day we received them.