Chopping down trees to make your flooring might not exactly sound eco-friendly, but it turns out that hardwood floors are the most green, sustainable option for your new floor installation.

Sustainable forest management now makes it possible to harvest wood without any significant impact on the environment because, as stated by the US Environmental Protection Agency, “trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again”.

In addition to being a renewable resource, natural wood products are among the most energy-efficient to produce, since manufacturing is limited to running a saw blade and kiln drying. Many of the waste and by-products in wood manufacturing are reused or recycled. For example, sawdust is made into animal bedding, or is used as fuel to operate kilns, and tree bark is shredded into mulch. Energy-efficient without the waste? What more can you ask for?

The use of natural wood flooring products can also help to increase water conservation, since forests don’t require mechanical irrigation to regenerate. In addition, responsible forest management can help to create thriving eco-systems where forests can release slightly more water for up to a decade following timber harvest.

Besides being eco-friendly to produce, hardwood flooring can also improve the environment inside your home. Since hardwood flooring doesn’t collect dust or allergens like some other flooring types, you can enjoy superior air quality with minimal effort.

Hardwood floors are long-lasting, with lifetimes that can reach 100 years and beyond. Unlike other flooring types, hardwood is relatively easy to maintain. A scratch or ding can easily be touched up or concealed, and the floor can be refinished several times to bring back its original beauty. When a hardwood floor has reached the end of its life, it can be repurposed into other wood products or returned to the earth where it will naturally decay.

If you’re looking for a new flooring installation that is beautiful, long-lasting, and “green”, natural hardwood is the way to go. Stop by our Red Hook showroom for the area’s leading selection of hardwoods, from budget-conscious brands to rare and antique hardwoods. We look forward to seeing you!