Our antique and reclaimed wood flooring comes from a selection of top-quality sources. We also offer professional design and installation services with a hands-on approach you won’t find in the big box stores and flooring warehouses.

Here is just a sampling of our extensive selection of antique woods:


Antique Chestnut

Pictured here is reclaimed barn wood, from the southern region of the east. Chestnut is a tree that is virtually extinct due to blight that spread in the early 20th century. Chestnut was know for its size, range of growth, and exterior durability. It is considered by many to be the most attractive antique floor. Stunning color variation from light browns all the way to chocolate brown. There is no other wood like it.

Antique Douglas Fir

Another tree highly prized for its structural strength. Also found in timbers and beams of old factories and warehouses. It is highly-grained and has a reddish-pink heart with yellow sapwood. It was commonly used in flooring in this area around the turn of the century. It is also usually sold in re-sawn form, but also looks quite beautiful with a distressed patina.

Antique Heart Pine

Another southern tree, this type of pine is typically reclaimed timbers and beams from pre-war (WWII) factories and warehouses. It is heavily-grained, and structurally, it’s a very strong wood. Heart Pine has a light red, almost pinkish color, and sometimes orange heart with yellow sapwood. It’s a very common floor in houses built from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. It is usually sold re-sawn these days, so you get a very clean surface.


Antique Hemlock

Reclaimed barn wood has a more obvious grain pattern than pine, is a harder wood, and also has patina; Custom widths can be milled, from 3” to 12” and wider.



Antique Oak

Reclaimed oak is typically from barns in the Southern Appalachian region of the east. We make it in two looks: Re-sawn, for a cleaner surface that still retains the character of antique flooring, and distressed, which has color variation along with antique characteristics. The hardest wood floor typically made from reclaimed barn wood.


Antique Pine

Reclaimed barn wood has a beautiful patina, and is made into flooring in widths ranging from 3” to 12” and wider. We use siding and substantial boards, lightly planed and profiled to fit your needs. Once installed and sanded to retain all the patina, a wide variety of finishes can be applied to achieve the look you desire. The colors of the finished product range from a soft golden honey to reddish brown tones.

Antique Softwood Mix

Reclaimed barn wood utilizes the mixture of various species reclaimed from antique barns with and most reproduces the floor of a very old house. Early home builders used what was on the land for their homes, and this barn wood incorporates spruce, pine and hemlock to create a truly authentic look.