We Offer Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Red Hook & Kingston, NY

Hardwood flooring remains a popular option for homes because of its durability and timeless beauty. Northern Dutchess Hardwoods & Floor Coverings offers hardwood flooring options in Red Hook & Kingston, New York.

We work with site-finished hardwood flooring that is sanded and finished to your specifications, as well as pre-finished materials that are installed are ready to walk on immediately. You'll learn about the advantages of different types of wood to make your decision easier.

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Bring new life to old wood floors

Bring new life to old wood floors

One of the benefits of hardwoods is the ease of restoring their beauty when they become dull or scratched. The amount of times you can do hardwood floor refinishing isn't endless, but it's a great way to give old flooring new life. The process involves:

  • Sanding down the top layer of the wood
  • Staining the floor the color you'd like
  • Applying finishing coats to protect the color

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